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Following Agile Methodologies, we ensure customer satisfaction delivering quick and continuously functional versions of the system.

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Thanks to Continuous Integrations, you can clearly keep up with what is being done throughout the development.

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Agile methodologies that Adapt to Changes, to allow you to have competitive advantages. You’ll help us to build what you need, the way you want it.

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We want your Active Participation, voicing your opinion and validating each step. Your involvement in extremely important.

Latest projects we loved to work



What is it?

An assistant that helps women to be more aware of their bodies and its changes during the month. An app that will give you relevant information about your cycle and give you the opportunity to teach the app about your choices, preferences, and cycle accuracy.

Who's it for?

Women - Especially 18-34 years. Married or single, but mostly women that don’t want to give birth for now.

The Challenge

Based on simple questions and user menstrual cycle, provides custom tips, advice, and help. The app learns over time about user choices, preferences, symptoms using Machine Learning, allowing them to improve their life quality. The client needed a quick MVP but ready to scale version of the app. We proposed an initial Sprint to quickly study and run spikes with potential infrastructures and scalable technologies. In partnership with the client, we collaboratively opted for Elixir and Postgres due the balance of fast development and scalability.


We have daily stand-up meetings via video conference with the product management team in Silicon Valley and deployed an interim version of the app every 2 weeks on a Sprint. Those engineer prototypes were tested in different times with final users by our UX team in Brazil. Our UX team ran a survey with around 500 responses to define the scope and product focus. Results During the user studies, participants mentioned that the app was “Simple”, “Easy to use” and we saw a majority of people mentioning that they would switch to Lunna, instead of their current app.

Km de Vantagens

What is it?

Ipiranga is a Brazilian fuel company and is a subsidiary of Ultra. It is the second-largest Brazilian fuel distribution company, and the largest in the private sector. Ipiranga’s operations also include a successful loyalty program called “Km de Vantagens”.

Who's it for?

The loyalty program includes seven million participants and connects online and offline products, which include products offered in the convenience stores.


What is it?

Vivira is a personalized, professional rehab program. Our users can get active and get strong again with your in-home therapy plan. We also have track of activities and measurements of some results so you can stay on top of your progress.

Who's it for?

Vivira makes high quality in-home rehab available and affordable for everyone, everywhere.

The Challenge

Vivira Health Lab is a newly founded health tech company based in Berlin, Germany, and the company language is English, with an excellent tech team, product, sales, and marketing.


The product goes into testing in the every two weeks (sprint size) with a network of strategic partner companies and their customers.


Fabian Blank: Passionate entrepreneur in (digital) health + digital consumer plays | Angel Investor | Advisor previously: clinic provider (sold to PE) • Partner @McKinsey.
Philip Heimann: Co-Founder and CEO, Vivira Health Lab Experienced entrepreneur and top-management consultant.





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